International Adoption has undergone many changes in recent years, many of which are positive. For one, many countries are placing children domestically, in the child’s country of origin. Various economic conditions and cultural influences have adjusted over time to allow adoptions to take place in the child’s country of birth. While this is great news for many children, there are still children in need of permanent families through international adoption. This just means that many of the available children are older or may have a medical need. International waiting children can also can be a healthy sibling group. If you are considering adopting, consider adopting a waiting child.

Here are 7 Reasons why this may be a great way for you to build or expand your family:

1. All Children Need Families: Studies clearly show that children do best in a permanent family environment. Waiting children deserve to be in loving homes and not growing up on orphanages.

2. The medical conditions are often treatable and curable. Many of the waiting children have correctible conditions. There are children available that have a wide variety of needs. Some may only require a surIMG_2052gical procedure to correct, or may require interventions such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy to correct. Others may have more chronic conditions that are in many cases still manageable.

3. Adoption Grants and Loans are available to defer the costs. Good news! For those families who are considering adopting a waiting child internationally, there are many grant programs available to help reduce the financial barrier to adoption. For more information on grants, click here. For New Beginnings grant program, click here. To see a list of organizations that offer grants, click here.

4. You get to see your child’s country of birth: Agencies provide assistance with travel reservations and planning your entire trip. There are experienced chaperones waiting for families to assist them with checking into the hotel, visiting the orphanage, meeting their child and sight seeing. Families are guided through the travel process from beginning to end.

5. Support after the placement is available and waiting for you. Your international adoption agency is there for you after your child arrives. Post Adoption support and supervision is required, which gives you information, support and guidance on attachment, bonding, medical referrals, and much more.

IMG_25066. You are not alone. Your adoption agency can put you in touch with other adoptive families, and those who have chosen to adopt a waiting child or children. Sharing information, providing support and knowing that others have experienced the same pathway to parenthood is comforting and reassuring.

7. You will make a difference in the life of a child. Last but not least, you will make a positive impact on a waiting child. Bringing them into your home and providing medical care or interventions, will help them be the best they can be, and reach their full potential. And that is the best reason of all.

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