The Miracle of International Adoption

International Waiting Children

Begins with Our Mission

To find orphaned and displaced children permanent loving homes by providing quality and compassionate social services through the adoption process and after the child is placed. Our client is the child; our customers are families that need international adoption services. Families who see themselves as a father or mother to a non-biological child are a great resource and have already met the biggest qualification for an adoption. Families come to New Beginnings because we treat them with respect. We provide adoption services with compassion, professionalism and cooperation.

Miracle of International Adoption

New Beginnings is proud to be a part of the miracle of international adoption. An orphan child, born in another country and culture, is being place with an American family. At least four different governmental bodies regulate the process. Numerous agencies, organizations and people are involved. They have different interest to balance and duties to perform, but all with the best interest of the child as their goal. Good people coming together allows for the miracle of international adoption. We place orphaned children into loving homes month after month, year after year, the process is overwhelmingly successful.

Believing in the Principle of the Hague

Every child has the right to have and be raised in loving family. It would be best if the birth family or the extended family could provide a loving home. If that is not available, a permanent loving home should be found in the country of the child’s birth. When this is not available, international adoption is to be considered. This statement of priorities is a fundamental principle of the Hague Convention. Only when the other options have been exhausted is a child available for international adoption. International adoption may be the child’s last, best opportunity to be assured a loving home and the parental care he or she has a right to.

Experienced and Professional Staff

International adoption is a highly regulated, legal process that requires care in its details. The ability to successfully operate an international adoption agency requires experienced professionals. We have a superbly talented staff that will guide you through the adoption process, from the application to beyond the placement. Because we are a small agency, we work with you personally through the forms, filings and requirements of international adoption.

Adoption is the Family

New Beginnings was established in 1985. The first generations of infants placed are young adults. They are graduating college, marrying and beginning their careers. Some have even come back to New Beginnings to adopt a child themselves. We are proud of these children and what they have accomplished, and what we have accomplished. The adoption is not the process. The paperwork, the home study, and the trip abroad are only means to the adoption. The adoption is about caring for your child when he is sick, being there on her first day of school. It is her first date, the prom and graduation. It is college, marriage and eventually grandchildren. Adoption is the family.

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