The Miracle of Adoption

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Begins with Our Mission

To place an orphan in the home of a loving and caring family is a miracle, and New Beginnings is honored to facilitate soon-to-be parents in the process. For over thirty years, we have diligently worked to find permanent homes for displaced or orphaned children, with our foremost priority being the best interests of the child. Families who see themselves as a father or mother to a non-biological child are a great resource and have already met the biggest qualification for an adoption. New Beginnings has programs in Korea, China, Thailand, and more. Feel free to contact us here for more information, or click here to begin the process.

Our Team

International adoption is a highly regulated legal process that requires care in its details. Our team of compassionate and experienced professionals take pride in assiduously operating our international adoption agency, guiding you from the first steps of the application to beyond the placement. New Beginnings is COA and Hague Accredited, and as we are a small agency, you can be assured that you will have the individual attention in this process that you deserve. We will personally walk you through forms, filings, and requirements of the adoption to ensure the process flows as smoothly as possible.

Believing in the Principle of the Hague

Every child has the right to be raised in a safe home with a loving family. It would be best if the birth family or the extended family could provide a loving home. If that is not available, a permanent loving home should be found in the country of the child’s birth. When this is not available, international adoption is to be considered. This statement of priorities is a fundamental principle of the Hague Convention. Only when the other options have been exhausted is a child available for international adoption. International adoption may be the child’s last, best opportunity to be assured a loving home and the parental care he or she has a right to.

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