The Miracle of Adoption

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Providing Adoption Services Since 1985

New Beginnings was formed by a core group of adoptive parents who had experienced the immense complications of the international adoption process with their own adopted children. They provided home study services and organized events in the Long Island area. They decided their work would be better done as a licensed adoption agency. Chong and Pooja Park, having been very involved as volunteers teaching children about their culture and heritage, were asked to join. On February 15, 1985, New Beginnings Family and Children’s Services was incorporated and approved to “place out children and provide adoption services.”

Initially, services we limited to New York, our home state. Soon after we were licensed in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, services were expanded to these states. The Florida office was opened in 1999.

Hague Accreditation was required for all international adoption agencies in 2008. NB was approved that year and has maintained accreditation since. We still do home study services in the four states we are licensed, but the Accreditation permitted agencies to provide placement services in all 50 US states. 

Over the years, New Beginnings has established programs in Korea, Thailand, Peru, Colombia, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Russia, Pakistan, Jamaica, and Morocco. New Beginnings has placed over 2,300 children in need of permanent homes. Currently, the agency has adoption programs in Korea, Morocco, China, Thailand, and Jamaica.

In addition to placement services, New Beginnings does Post-Adoption Services and Support: As the first generations of the adoptee have come of age, (second, third, and fourth generations as well), many want to learn about their birth family, heritage, history, and circumstances surrounding their adoption. Our staff provides counseling to adoptees and information on how to begin their search, what to expect, and travel assistance if applicable. Included in this are birth-parent searches and reunions. Although not every request for assistance results in a reunion, we help arrange reunions continually. Working with Eastern Social Welfare Society, our adoptees have participated in Home-to-Home programs, Korean Language and Culture Programs, and much more.

Our Purpose, Mission and Goals

 New Beginnings’ purpose, as stated in our certificate of incorporation, is “To place out destitute, delinquent, abandoned, neglected, abused or dependent children.”

Our mission is: “To find orphaned and displaced children permanent loving homes by providing quality and compassionate social services through the adoption process and after the child is placed.”

With a focus on the best interest of the child, our primary client, New Beginnings’ goal is to identify and approve applicants who can provide affection, meet a child’s physical and emotional needs, value a child’s intrinsic worth, share their past, understand the impact of separation, set realistic expectations and goals, exhibit flexibility and adaptability, cope effectively with problems and stress, embrace positive attitudes towards parenting an adopted child, make a dedicated commitment to a child placed in the home, and utilize community resources to foster strong family functioning.

Believing in the Principle of the Hague

Every child has the right to be raised in a safe home with a loving family. It would be best if the birth family or the extended family could provide a loving home. If that is not available, a permanent loving home should be found in the country of the child’s birth. When this is not available, international adoption is to be considered. This statement of priorities is a fundamental principle of the Hague Convention. Only when the other options have been exhausted is a child available for international adoption. International adoption may be the child’s last, best opportunity to be assured a loving home and the parental care he or she has a right to.

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