Dear Friends and Families,

New Beginnings is seeking your support for our Annual Appeal: Adoption, For a Lifetime. We see the impact adoption makes across the lifespan of adoptees every day. As more adult adoptees from South Korea are coming of age, New Beginnings is seeing a growing need for post-adoption services. The Beyond the Placement Program provides support and resources allowing adoptees and their families to explore their personal history and heritage as they enter adulthood.

In last year’s Annual Appeal, we asked for your donations to help ensure the future of this program along with support for our mass effort to digitize all adoption records for easier access and to ensure the safety of important documents for each family served. Through your donations, in 2019 the Beyond the Placement Program provided:

  • 31 birth family searches
  • 10 adoptee reunions with birth families
  • 200 files digitizing and counting
  • 100’s of hours of support

Progress is being made, but there is still work to be done. We are currently seeing a higher rate of search requests than last year, and we still have 2,700 more files to digitize. Your financial support is very important to us as we want to continue these vital services that support families many years after the adoption takes place. Thank you in advance for donating towards adoption services that continue throughout an adoptee’s lifetime.
Adoption, for a Lifetime

With warmest regards,

New Beginnings’ Board of Directors

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