International Adoption Programs

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Our mission is to find permanent, loving homes for orphaned and displaced international children. Since 1985, New Beginnings has found permanent homes for over 2,000 children and our International Adoption Programs are some of the best available.

Morocco Kalafa Adoption

For Muslim American families, Morocco should be considered.

New Beginnings cooperates with two orphanages in Morocco: The Rita Zniber Foundation and Creche de Tangier. Both are very professional and take good care of the children. The children placed are infants and older.

Morocco is a good fit for young married couples and single females.

Korea Adoption

Korea has been providing international adoption services since the 1950s.

Hundreds of thousands of orphaned Korean children have been adopted into American homes. With the cooperation of Eastern Social Welfare Society, NB has successfully placed children since 1985.

Primary Provider Services

A primary provider is needed for all international adoptions, including Relative, Identified Child, and Heritage adoptions.

Under the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions and the Uniform Accreditation Act, there must be a Primary Provider in all cases to ensure that the adoption complies with specific standards.

New Beginnings will consider assisting families wherever needed.

Thailand Adoption

Our Thailand Program can be an excellent option for families.

We began placing children from Thailand in 1987, making our Thai International Adoption Program one of our longest-running programs. We cooperated with the Pattaya Orphanage and visited last November. They take exceptional care of the children, with a large, professional staff.

The Thailand program is an excellent option for young married couples, under forty, in good health couples, and who cannot have children.

Jamaica Adoption

New Beginnings provide home study and primary provider services for families seeking to adopt relatives or pre-identified children through The Child Protection and Family Services (CPFSA – formally, the Child Development Agency) in Jamaica.

The program is suitable for people of Jamaica heritage that are seeking to adopt a known orphan, usually a relative.

Adoption Home Study Services

As a Hague Accredited Agency, New Beginnings can provide Supervised Home Study Services for most agencies and programs. We also do home studies for domestic adoptions.

For families who are working with a separate agency for the placement of the child, New Beginnings offers home study and post-adoption services to families residing in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

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