Home Study Services

Home Study ServicesAs a Hague Accredited Agency, New Beginnings can provide Supervised Home Study Services for most agencies and programs.

New Beginnings offers home study and post-adoption services to families residing in states where we are licensed, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. This would be for families who are working with a separate agency for the placement of the child and need a homes study. The placing agency is called the Adoption Service Provider. Home study services are, of course, much more than merely the preparation of a home study report. The home study process also entails obtaining the necessary clearances, approvals and supporting paperwork that often comprise parts of the completed dossier going to the foreign country. Post-adoption services are also a necessary part of most international adoptions, as are pre and post adoption workshops and support services. As your home study agency, we would develop a cooperative relationship with the placing agency that would include sharing of documentation so that we can reduce redundancy of paperwork for you. Ultimately, the home study agency must vouch for the applicant and the adoption.

Supervised Home Study Costs

Fees for Home Study and Post-Adoption/Post-Placement services vary according to which Placement Agency you are working with and in which country.

Application, Home Study and Post-Adoption  
Application & AFP 350.00
Home Study 2,100.00
Parent Education Workshop 300.00
Post Adoption (three reports) 1,275.00
Total: $4,025.00
Program Fees  
New Beginnings Fee 1,000.00
Grand Total: $5,025.00