Adopting A Child From Korea

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Thank you for your interest in the Korean adoption program. Korea has been processing adoption since the 1950’s. Several hundred thousand children have been placed into American adoptive homes since that time. NB has been successfully placing children from Korea since 1985. Many of the adoptees are adults with families of their own. The Korean program places health children or children with minor medical needs. Most children are around two years of age when placed. It is a predictable, well organized program perfect for families considering international adoption.

Over the last two years, the Korean program has been in need of families. We place children in all 50 states. New Beginnings will direct the home study for families in states we are licensed: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida. For families in other states, New Beginnings will guide you through the home study process.

Once the home study is completed, NB will prepare your documents for Korea and find the right match of a child. Updates and information is routine while the family waits for their first trip to Korea. A month to six weeks late, they travel again to bring the child home.



Korean News And Blogs

My Experience in Home to Home

In the fall of 2018 I participated in the Home to Home program in South Korea. Truth be told, I almost turned down the opportunity to go – there was a lot going on for me this year, work has been busy, etc. I can not express in words how happy I am that I decided to go.

Olivia Visits Korea

I came into the Korean Language and Culture Program with what I thought was a completely realized Korean American adoptive identity. If I had to choose one takeaway from my trip, it would be that there is always more I can do to discover myself and to get even more in touch with that identity.

Parker Wolf – Awesome Piano Skills

We are so blessed to have our home filled with beautiful music every day! We are always awestruck when we think about Parker’s talent. We are amazed that families put together through adoption can be such a great match! He has been attracted to music and interested in the piano ever since he first came home from Korea.

Korean Homeland Tours

Dillon International would like to invite our families to join the Korean Homeland Tours and the Sharing Hearts Mission. We absolutely encourage every adoptee to go back to their land of birth at least once. For South Korea, we offer both a tour for adult adoptees and...

Is Korean Adoption a good fit for you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you consider an adoption from Korea. Do you: Want a child that is healthy, well cared for and under the age of 3 years? Want an adoption process that is fast, in most cases under one year? Want an adoption process that is...

Darren’s Visit To The Olympics

Darren and his parents from Orlando, Florida, USA, visited Korea for the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. He was able to meet a baby who had just been born with his new family. Darren is currently a second grader at Holy Family Catholic School.

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