Korean Adoption Fees And Expenses

Fees, Descriptions and Overview

Korean Adoption Fee List

Adoption Fees Paid to New Beginnings

DescriptionDue atFee TypeAmount ($)
Application (AFP)Submission of AFPUS Expenses350
New Beginnings’ Fee, 1st partAdoption Service AgreementUS Expenses1,500
IAAME FeeAdoption Service AgreementUS Expenses500
Program Coordination, 1st partHome Study ApprovalUS Expenses2,500
Program Coordination, 2nd partAcceptance of the ReferralUS Exp., Translation & Document1,500
Foreign Agency FeeAcceptance of the ReferralForeign, Childcare, Translation & Doc19,500
Program Coordination, 3rd partSubmission of EPUS Exp., Translation & Document3,000
New Beginnings’ Fee, 2nd partSubmission of EPUS Expenses2,500
Total Adoption Fees Paid to New Beginnings31,350


Social Services done by NB for families living in our service area of NY, NJ, PA, or FL.

DescriptionDue atFee TypeAmount ($)
Home StudyAdoption Service AgreementHome Study (add 400 for NY)1,700
Post-Adoption, six reportsSubmission of EPPost-Adoption Reports2,550
Transportation home visitWhen BilledMileage/Travel55¢/mile

Social Services for families outside our service area. Fees paid to Local Adoption agency. 

DescriptionDue atFee TypeAmount ($)
Home StudyWhen BilledHome Study1,500 to 3,000
Post-AdoptionBefore travelPost-Adoption Reports1,800 to 3,000
Total Social Services, Home Study, and Post-Adoption Fees3,300 to 6,000


Third-Party Expenses

DescriptionDue atPaid toAmount ($)
USCIS, I-600A filing feeHome Study ApprovalHomeland Security775
FingerprintsHome Study ApprovalHomeland Security85 per person
Psychological EvaluationHome Study ProcessPsychiatrist Office400 to 1,000
Parent Education WorkshopsHome Study ProcessAdoption Learning Partner150 to 300
Pre-Adoption Medical ReviewReferralMedical Review of Referral250 to 600
Recognition and Re-adoptionPost-AdoptionAttorney’s Office500 to 2,000
Total Third-Part Expenses2,245 to 4,845


Travel and Overseas

DescriptionDue atFee TypeAmount ($)
Travel and OverseasCourt Notice and TravelTravel & Accommodations6,000 to 9,000


Summary of Korean Adoption Fees and Expenses

Total Adoption Fees, paid to New Beginnings31,350
Social Services, (Home Study and Post-Adoption Fees)3,300 to 6,000
Third-Party Fees2,245 to 4,845
Travel and Overseas Expenses6,000 to 9,000
Final Estimated Adoption Cost$42,895 to 51,195


Total Expenses by Type

US Expenses10,850
Translation and Document2,200
Care of the Child10,400
Foreign Country7,900
Total Adoption Fees31,350
Home Study1,500 to 3,000
Post Adoption Reports1,800 to 3,000
Total Social Services3,300 to 6,000
Third-Party Fees2,245 to 4,845
Travel and Accommodations6,000 to 9,000
Total Third-Party Fees8,245 to 13,845
Estimated Total Expense42,895 to 51,195

The Costs of International Adoption

IInternational adoption can be expensive, but assistance is available. There are organizations and foundations that provide grants and loans to help families adopting. There are many options available for financial assistance. For a list of organizations that provide assistance for international adoption, click here.  In addition, the adoption tax credit is a big benefit and is available to most families. This can be a savings of over $13,750

Comparing expenses between agencies can be complicated. When comparing cost, New Beginnings has one of the least expensive Morocco, Thai and China programs and our fees are very competitive for the Korea Program.

New Beginnings fees are presented in a straight forward, simple fashion. We include fees for the home study, post-adoption, the agency and the foreign organization. Also include are incidental fee that are paid to third parties in the adoption process. To see a Sample Adoption Servcie Agreement, click here. If you want more information on a particular program, contact New Beginnings and ask for the Adoption Service Agreement for your porgram.

Need Financial Assistance?

If you have chosen to pursue international adoption, you should know that there may be financial assistance available to help with the adoption expenses. Check out our financial assistance page which lists several options for families hoping to find help in meeting their adoption costs.


Budgeting For International Adoption

When you’ve made the decision to adopt, it makes sense to put together a financial plan before you begin the process. Adoptions come with the standard agency, legal and home study fees, but for international adoptions, there are additional travel, visa expenses and a fee to the foreign agency to consider.

Here are a few tips on how to plan and prepare for these expenses

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