Primary Provider / UAA Adoption Services

Adopting a relative or non-relative from a foreign country? Why do you need Primary Provider Services?

New Beginnings receives many phone calls from families who are trying to adopt relatives and non-relative children from a variety of foreign countries such as Jamaica, Bangladesh, Trinidad and Tobago, and Nigeria, among others. Many families believe that all they need is a home study, and they can manage the adoption themselves. A home study is still needed, but is no longer enough. The Universal Accreditation Act requires international adoptions be done with a Primary Provider, a Hague authorized adoption agency.

The UAA provides the proper way to adopt a relative in need of permanency, or a child from an orphanage. The Primary Provider is required to oversee the six core adoption services and ensure they are performed properly and ethically. For more information on these six services click here. The primary provider is also responsible for the development and implementation of a service plan for the family. The service plan identifies the agency or institution that will provided each of the adoption services. In following the UAA guidelines, we better ensure that your child can come home to you without setbacks.

As Primary Provider, New Beginnings also coordinates many other services for adoptive families; such as Hague compliant education, home study services or communication with home study provider, assistance with submission of immigration documents, review of the child’s legal documents, keeping current with country requirements, post adoption reporting to foreign country when required and ongoing support after the child is placed.

The role of Primary Provider is one of great importance. It ensures adoptions are performed ethically and in the best interest of the child. This benefits both the children and their adoptive families. We have been part of many successful adoptions from Jamaica, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, among others.

For a breakdown of adoption expenses for Primary Provider Services, please see our Primary Provider Expenses Disclosure. You will find our fees reasonable and easy to plan for as they are spread out over the duration of the adoption process.