Primary Provider Services FAQs

New Beginnings is no longer providing primary provider services

Do I need a Primary Provider?

Yes, primary provider is needed for practically all international adoptions. New Beginnings assists families adopting from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jamaica, Nigeria, and Togo. New Beginnings will consider being the primary provider for other countries on a case by case basis. In researching the country you are adopting from, we recommend the State Department’s website.

What Children are Available for Adoption?

Families adopting from Pakistan or Bangladesh may be going to an orphanage for the referral. However, many families seeking primary provider services are adopting a relative. As with all adoptions, the child must be an orphan. An orphan can also a child of a surviving parent who is incapable of providing proper care. Or the surviving parent has irrevocable released the child for immigration and adoption. The child must be under the age of 16, but there are exceptions for siblings.

What is the Primary Provider?

The Primary Provider is a Hague authorized adoption agency . It will oversee the adoption services to ensure they are performed properly and ethically. The primary provider is also responsible for identifying the domestic or foreign agency or institution that will provided each of the adoption services.

What are the Steps?

In starting the process, the State Departments and New Beginnings’ recommends finding the primary provider first. That agency will direct the home study and the adoption process. For all international adoptions, the family needs to be approved first. This is done with a Hague home study, then USCIS. After this, the adoption process in the country can begin.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Nationality — One adopting parent must be a U.S. citizen. For most countries in which primary provider services are being sought, one parent would be a national from that country.
  • Age — Minimum age is 25. There is no age limit. Our guideline is there should be no more than a 45 year age difference between the child and the youngest parent. In relative adoptions, individual circumstances are considered.
  • Marital Status — If the country allows, single applicants are permitted. When permitted, it is often limited to single females. If married, our guidelines are to be married at least two years, or evidence of established relationship. The country’s requirements for the length of marriage may be longer.
  • Income — 125% over the poverty guidelines and Financial stability.
  • Health — Good health without medical concerns.
  • Family Composition — All adults and children in the home must be interviewed in for the home study. Adults will be required to get clearances.
  • Country Requirements — Must met the requirements of the country adopting from.

Considering New Beginnings as the Primary Provider

For many countries and types of adoptions, we can help. There are many unique situations and challenges. If you are considering primary provider services, fill out a pre-application and we will schedule a time to speak.

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