Primary Provider Adoption Overview

Relative Adoption, Identified Child Adoption, and Heritage Adoption

First, let us disentangle what Primary Provider Services are. It is a common shorthand when the child is known before an agency is involved. This would be in a relative adoption or when the adoption is legally completed before immigration pre-approval. New Beginnings can provide services in many of these cases.

New Beginnings will also consider adoption services for heritage adoptions. For practical purposes, all relative and identified child adoptions are heritage adoptions. However, we use the term Heritage Adoption when the county allows its foreign nations a unique or exclusive pathway to adopt a child to be identified, much like most adoptions.

On a case-by-case basis, New Beginnings will provide adoption services for clients who do not have radially available options. In countries where multiple agencies provide adoption services and have established programs, you should be better served by one of these agencies. These agencies know the process and have agreements with people and organizations in the country to assist clients.

The need for Primary Provider Services is greatest in the rest of the world. New Beginnings will consider relative and identified child adoptions wherever needed. US families wanting to adopt an orphan relative should have their case considered and services provided when possible. We will also consider cases where the child is legally placed with the family, and immigration approval is now needed. In addition, where we can, we will assist Heritage adoptions.

As the Primary Provider, New Beginnings will identify a services plan for the country’s specific requirements and the child being adopted. The complexity and level of engagement with foreign providers will vary depending on who performs the service in the foreign country on how the child became available for adoption. If the adoption or kafala is successful and the legal papers appear in order, New Beginnings will manage the immigration approval for the child’s visa and eventual citizenship.

To assist in this, New Beginnings uses the legal services of Pauline Park, Esq. She will establish the service plan, identify the foreign providers, obtain contracts when needed, oversee the legal process in the country, and file the necessary paperwork for the child’s visa.

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