Primary Provider and Service Plan for an Adoption from a Non-Convention Country

The following is for services provided as the Primary Provider when adopting from a non-Convention country. These would be relative or named child adoptions, or adoptions from countries that do not have American agencies currently providing services. Non-convention countries (sometimes called non-hague) are countries in which an I-600A and I-600 are filed. For more on the Hague Convention, go to: from a Non-Convention Country

In a non-convention adoption cases, the services and the requirements of the foreign country will vary from country to country and case to case. For most situations New Beginnings will be able to anticipate who will be performing the adoption service and the labor each case will require. However, if complications arise, New Beginnings reserves the right to charge additional fees or withdraw as primary provider.

Under 22 CFR Part 96 (the accreditation regulations), a primary provider is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that all six adoption services are provided and consistent with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Supervising and being responsible for supervised providers when used; and
  • Development and implementing a service plan to ensure the six adoption services.

The six adoption services are:

  1. Identifying a child for adoption and arranging an adoption;
  2. Securing the necessary consent to termination of parental rights and to adoption;
  3. Performing a background study on a child or a home study on a prospective adoptive parent(s), and reporting on such a study;
  4. Making non-judicial determinations of the best interests of a child and the appropriateness of an adoptive placement for the child;
  5. Monitoring a case after a child has been placed with prospective adoptive parent(s) until final adoption; or
  6. When necessary because of a disruption before final adoption, assuming custody and providing (including facilitating the provision of) child care or any other social service pending an alternative placement.

As the Primary Provider, the services plan will need to be tailored for the unique requirements of the country. All service plans will begin with New Beginnings researching the adoption process for the country to identify what services might be done by the court or an authorized authority in the country. These services will have to be identified in the service plan, but we will not need to supervise the service. For services that New Beginnings performs directly or supervises, we must assure that theses services are provided with the same consistency as in Hague convention cases. Lastly, all services must be done properly to file and receive approval by USCIS. This includes the consent, child’s background check and adoption approval. If there is a problem with the child’s legal documents, we might not know until deep into the process.

Some services will always have to be done or supervised by New Beginnings. (3) home study on the prospective adoptive parent(s). In situations in which the child will immigrate to the US and the final adoption is here, (IR-4 visa) these two services will have to be supervised by New Beginnings: (5) monitor the case after the child has been placed until finalizations, (post-placement supervision); and (6) when necessary because of disruption before final adoption, assume custody and child care pending alternative placement.

The complexity and level of engagement for New Beginnings will vary greatly depending on who performs the service in the foreign country. In addition, New Beginnings will not know the adequacy of the service until the child’s legal documents are received, filed with USCIS and approved.

Regardless, most non-convention adoptions will fall into place. The consents and the child’s background check will be done by approved authorities and will not need supervision. And when we receive the legal documents on the child from the foreign country, everything will be in order; the I-600 will be approved and the child will be approved to immigrate.

With so many variables to account for, New Beginnings’ fees to be the primary provider are what we will charge for a routine case. We anticipate that the service plan will be prepared at or about the time of the home study approval. If, we can not reasonable assure the integrity of the service, or the complexity of the adoption is beyond what we reasonably expect, New Beginnings reserves the right charge additional fees or to withdraw as the primary provider.

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