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Adopting a Child from Thailand FAQs

Who are the Children in Need of Adoption?

  • We currently need families to adopt children aged 3 and older
  • Siblings
  • Children with Cognitive or Physical Needs that require specialized care and support

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Thailand?

  • Marital Status — Parents must be married for a minimum of three years. No more than two divorces
  • Age —  For children under 5, Parents must be between 25 and 44; for children over 5, parents must be between 25 and 47
  • Gender Preference — Preference is permitted. Boys are easier to match than girls
  • Family composition Preference for documented infertility and no biological children. One child (through birth or adoption) in the home allowed
  • Health — Parents should be in excellent health without medical concerns; a psychological report is required
  • Prior arrest  — Would consider minor offense more than 5 years ago
  • Income — Financially secure.
  • Placement — in all states

What Information Can I Expect About the Child?

The child’s background study includes the following.

  • The child’s given name, gender, and birth date,
  • Measurements of the child, such as height and weight,
  • Medical reports documenting their health and well-being while in the orphanage’s care,
  • A current developmental milestone assessment report of the child’s progress in various areas of development, such as motor skills, speech, and cognitive abilities,
  • Photographs and videos of the child.

How Long is the Process?

From home study approval, it takes 1 – 2 years; adopting a waiting child could shorten the length of time. 

How Long Is the Stay in Thailand?

Both parents must travel to Thailand before adopting a Thai child. The stay is approximately two weeks.


Is Adopting From Thailand Right For You?

This program continues to be a good fit for families open to a toddler-age child or older. Families under forty-four with documented infertility should consider the Thai Program. Families under 47 can be placed with a child or children over five. The children are well cared for with extensive background reports.
Thailand Adoption Online Meeting

Thailand Adoption Online Meeting

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