Adopting a Child from Thailand FAQs

What children available for adoption from Thailand?


Thai children that are available for adoption receive a great deal of attention and care. They are generally in good health and medical information about them is fairly extensive and reliable. Developmental milestones are described and social information about the background of the birth parents is provided when available. Children range in ages from about one year to pre-teen. Waiting children are also available.

As with many adoption programs, there are usually more boys available than girls. This applies to infants (approximately 9 months to 18 months), pre-school and school-aged children. You may state your preference, however, if you only wish to have a girl, you may have to wait longer. All children placed from Thailand are thoroughly tested for HIV and Hepatitis.

How long does it take to adopt a child from Thailand?


It generally takes longer to adopt a child from Thailand than through one of our other adoption programs.   Our most recent placements were made made in about one and a half to two years.

Who is eligible to adopt from Thailand?


Age of child at placement- 18 months and older

  • Parents must be married a minimum of three years.  No more than two divorces.
  • Singles on a limited basis.
  • Parents must be between 25 and 40.  Consideration for waiting children.
  • Gender Preference- Yes, boys are easier to match than girls
  • Family composition- documented infertility.
  • Parents should be in excellent health without medical concerns and financially secure
  • Length of time: 24-36 months
  • Placement- in all states

Will we be required to travel to Thailand?


Both parents must travel to Thailand before adopting a Thai child. The stay is approximately one week to ten days, during which time you must appear before the Thai Adoption Board. They will reconfirm the placement.  Approximately six months after you arrive home with your child, and after New Beginnings has completed at least three post-placement reports, New Beginnings will recommend to Thailand that the adoption be finalized. At this time they will send the appropriate approval to the Thai Embassy. Historically, this too can take a significant amount of time.

Is Adopting From Thailand Right For You?


This program continues to be a good fit for those families that are open to a toddler age child or older.  Having strong ties to Thailand and the culture is preferred. People entering this program must be patient as the process moves along at its own pace.