Grant for the Benefit of Jie JieWith the Support of our Friends and Families, the Beyond the Placement Program has provided a grant for the benefit of Jie Jie. She has been matched with a family and will soon be in her forever home.

There are many children available for adoption that are older or have special needs. Helping to reduce the barriers to adopting a waiting child is one of the goals of the Beyond the Placement Program. With your contribution, children like Jie Jie can get the medical care, support and love they deserve.

Congratulations to Jie Jie and her family.

This month we have also prepared for and hosted a reunion with an adult adoptee and her birth mother. The moment of the reunion is filled with emotions. Some questions are resolved and new ones are asked, and the journey continues. Part of the funds raised through Beyond the Placement go to support Adult Adoptees in their searches, and sometimes, in their reunions and after.

To learn more about the Beyond the Placement Program, to down load a Grant Application or to make a Donation, click here.

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