Beyond The Placement

Post-adoption Support Services

Providing Assistance to Our Families Now and for Years to Come.

New Beginnings has provided adoption services for thousands of children since 1985. New Beginnings’ services to our family continues long after the initial adoption services are complete. Through our Beyond the Placement Program, New Beginnings offers post adoption support and services to our families and the children placed.

Assist Adult Adoptees in Exploring their Heritage and History. As an adoptee comes of age, many want to find out about their birth family heritage, history and circumstances surrounding their adoption. Our staff provides counseling to adoptees and information on how to begin their search, what to expect, and travel assistance if applicable. To find out more about a service to adult adoptees, contact Pauline Park at 516- 747-2206.

To apply for post-adoption services, download and complete the appropriate forms below:

Post-Adoption Services and Fees Form
Post-Adoption Services Adoptee Request Form
Post-Adoption Services Parent Request Form

Support and Counseling for families after the formal post-adoption services are complete. Many families find that that even after their child arrives and the adoption is finalized there are many questions or issues that arise as their child gets older. Adoptive parents often have questions related to how to handle an adoptees emotions and behaviors. Issues surrounding multi-racial families, formation of identity, grief and loss are often discussed. For support and counseling, contact Elizabeth Westermann, LMSW at 516-747-2205.

New Beginnings provides many of the Beyond the Placement services for free. We think it is important that an adoptees information does not come with a fee. We want our families to call us with questions and support whenever needed. We believe that adult adoptees who want to find out more about their history and heritage should not receive a bill from New Beginnings. These services can be involved, can take years and should be free. Your support for the Beyond the Placement Program is needed to provide theses services.

Waiting Children For many people, a waiting child adoption is a wonderful way to add to their family. A waiting child is a child who is legally free for adoption but does not yet have a permanency plan. Interest families can review pictures and summaries of children available.

A family that is interested in a waiting child be “home study ready.” That is having an approved home study or having had a successful home study completed within the past three years. We would consider a family in the home study process. A family that has previously adopted through New Beginnings is also welcome.

In adopting a waiting child from Korea, the family would need to meet the Korean Requirements.

The children are on a shared list, and other agencies are advocating for them as well. It is possible that Eastern Social Welfare Society could match the child with another family. ESWS is looking for the best match for the child, not necessarily the first.

Once a child is matched, we will indicate that on the site. ESWS cannot present a referral until a current home study is approved. Once the referral is accepted, we will remove the child from the waiting list.

If you are interested in a child, please contact us, and we can provide more information on how to proceed. 

Beyond The Placement News

Korea Summer Language Program

Korea Summer Language Program

Applications are now open for the 2019 Korean Language and Culture Program!

This month-long program takes place at Hallyn University International School in Chuncheon, Korea (two hours from Seoul by train) in July 2019.

My Experience in Home to Home

My Experience in Home to Home

In the fall of 2018 I participated in the Home to Home program in South Korea. Truth be told, I almost turned down the opportunity to go – there was a lot going on for me this year, work has been busy, etc. I can not express in words how happy I am that I decided to go.

Why Does your Adopted Child Need a Certificate of Citizenship?

Why Does your Adopted Child Need a Certificate of Citizenship?

For families who have completed the adoption process and are home with their new child, filing more paperwork is often at the bottom of their list of things to do. Fortunately, many international adoptions now result in a Certificate of Citizenship (COC) being issued...

Elizabeth Im Seon 임선 Lowe – My Experience: Home to Home 2014

Elizabeth Im Seon 임선 Lowe My Experience: Home to Home 2014 November 2014 When I first set out on my birth family search in 2012, I could never have imagined the chain of events that I was soon to experience. What started as a simple one-line note to the ‘Post...

Korea’s Home to Home Program – Reunion of Triplets

As so many of our Korean adoptees are reaching adulthood, we see more and more who want to return to Korea and learn about their homeland and culture.  Eastern Social Welfare Society (ESWS) and the Korean government recognize this need and know that resources are...

Returning to My Orphanage – Vietnam

Returning to My Orphanage By Remi L. My name, given to me by adopted parents, is Remi Tai L.  I was born somewhere in Hanoi, Vietnam and was left in front of a social security building soon after. That was 1994. Seventeen months later, my parents arrived to pick me...

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