With grateful hearts, we thank everyone who contributed during our fundraising campaign for supporting New Beginnings’ Morocco Kafala Fund. Thanks to your generous donations, over $25,000 was raised. Your donation, either intended to be Zakat and Sadaqa, will be used to expand outreach and adoption efforts to find and assist families to adopt children ages 3-14. Look for information on the Morocco Waiting Children’s program in the coming month.

The Fund will also help children in Morocco of all ages, providing financial assistance for medical care, school fees, sports & activities, clothing, vocational training, textbooks, and special foods for celebrations and religious holidays.

As we do this work, we will share blog posts about the work and an annual review during Ramadan 2022. Please spread the word about the need for families for older children (3+) and children with a range of cognitive or physical diagnoses. If you’d like someone from New Beginnings to speak about adoption and children in Morocco at a local community center, school, masjid, or small gathering, please email us at [email protected].

Blessings of peace and much thanks,

Timothy Sutfin,
Executive Director

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