You have been matched with a child from Korea! How exciting…but now what? It’s never too soon to start making a connection with your child before you travel for the first time to meet him. Care packages are a popular and effective way to begin a relationship with your child. Here are a few tips on what to include in the package.

  • Letter to the foster mother
    Thank the foster mother for taking such good care of your child and tell her a bit about your family such as your home, extended family, pets, hobbies, etc.
  • Gift for the foster family
    It does not have to be a large, expensive gift but smaller items such as vitamins, body lotions, candies, and scarves are all appreciated.
  • Photo Album for your child
    Include shots of your home, family, pets, etc.
  • A USB drive with a video of your family
    The foster family can also take photos and videos and send them to you. Or send a link to an unlisted YouTube video of your family.
  • Small stuffed animal
    This can be a soft toy that your child can cuddle with and remember it is from you while they wait for the first meeting.
  • Clothing
    A few cute outfits for your child are always popular. Estimate the size by using the recent reports of your child.
  • Recordable story book
    Record your voices reading the pages.

Where should I send the package?
The package can be sent directly to New Beginnings, 87 Mineola Blvd., Mineola, NY 11501. We will forward the package to the foster family.

What are the size requirements for the package?
No bigger than a USP medium Priority Mail box.

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