What a great week the child had at Vacation Bible School, hosted by Redeeming Grace Fellowship. They were asked to bring in donations for the 400 Bottles a Day campaign. 400 Bottles is the number of bottles used each day to feed and nourish the 50 babies who are care for at ESWS. Because of continuous washing, the bottles break down and new bottles urgently need to be purchased.

VBS was held July 9 – 13. The year’s theme was Shipwrecked, Saved by Jesus. Each day the children brought in their own money to help buy new bottles. Time was set aside to teach the children about Korean culture. They enjoyed some delicious Korean snacks and the meaning of the South Korean flag.

The children raised $466 for this campaign! We thank them and continue to pray God provides enough money to reach ESWS’s goal of $8,110. Great work everyone!

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