While countries face new and immense challenges in responding to the far-reaching effects of Covid-19 outbreaks, we should not forget the most vulnerable populations. Among them are children living in orphanages. These institutions are receiving less support from their government, have significantly reduced staff, and are more isolated than ever. New Beginnings works with and supports the orphans and orphanages in Morocco. They need our help, Donate Now.

Like so many countries, to limit the virus spread, Morocco has closed all travel indefinitely and enforcing strict quarantine rules. The restrictions on movement prevent staff from traveling to and from their homes each day. A few caregivers and support staff now live in the orphanage away from their own families. Travel restrictions also make it much more difficult for the local community to help with food, medical needs, and protective equipment.

Travel restrictions have suspended international adoption. The quarantine has also stopped domestic adoption. The orphanages now face conditions of potential overcrowding, which will only exacerbate the need for assistance.

Despite the looming crisis, orphanages are receiving very little support from the federal and local authorities. Only through the devoted staff of the orphanages are the children’s basic needs met. We cannot leave them isolated and abandoned. Our help and support are needed now.

Please join New Beginnings in raising $10,000 so that we can keep the most vulnerable among us safe and healthy. All funds donated will be sent to the orphanages directly and be used to purchase much-needed supplies on the local economy. These needs are immediate and urgent; they include everything from cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and salaries for caregivers who are sacrificing their health and time with their own families to care for the children to whom they are so dedicated.

The pandemic affects us all. Collective action is needed. How we respond is essential. We can help make sure children have adequate care, enough food, and their medical needs met. We can do our part and help orphans and orphanages in Morocco.

Please donate generously and spread the word to those you know.
These children need us now!

All donations made will be to the benefit of orphanages in Meknes in the COVID-19. Donations can be made securely using our online form. There is a 3% fee charged by the credit processor (what comes to NB is slightly less than the donation amount designated.) Donations can also be made by check, payable to New Beginnings (put COVID-Morocco in the memo), and mail to 87 Mineola Boulevard, Mineola, NY 11501.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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