Korean Adoptees in Search of their Roots

Since the establishment of ESWS in 1972, there have been many international adoptees to visit Korea, in search of their roots. And we understand that there are many adoptees that have some contact with their birth family and would like to reunite in a supportive setting. In addition, there are many yourn adults that are still very anxious and hopeful to visit Korea to find more about their roots and heritage.

With the financial support of both Government and Eastern Social Welfare Society, ESWS Home to Home program to give more opportunities to the adoptees who wish to reunite with their birth family and to learn more about their roots since their adoption. We would like to provide and support the financial concerns that the adoptees may experience such as flight fares and accommodations.

New Beginnings can recommend 1 – 3 applicants for this year’s Home to Home 2018. The total number of selected adoptees from the USA and Australia will be at or around 6. If this is something you would like to be considered for, fill out the Home to Home Application [link application] and return it to New Beginnings.

New Beginnings has had our young adults participate in the past. Elizabeth has shared her Home to Home experience along with a video. In the Home to Home 2013 triplets were reunited. If you have are interested in exploring your heritage and connecting with your birth family, fill out the application and mail it back to New Beginnings.

If you would like more information, call Pauline at 516-747-2204.


Korea Home to Home Program Information

Home to Home 2018

Period: October 24, 2018 ~ October 31, 2018

Who can apply:

  1. ESWS adoptees over the age of 18 qualified for the overseas travel
  2. Those who have exchanged the letters/photos with his/her birth family but have difficulty with homeland visit due to financial problem.
  3. In case of the availability of space in the program, adoptees which are having difficulties finding his/her birth family, are permitted to apply to this program. They will be on the wait list.
  4. We send the file that is detailed information about the program and an application attached.

    Korea Home to Home Program Application

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