Answer all Questions on the Forms

We appreciate families who move through the paperwork quickly, but partial and incomplete forms will only delay the process. Take the time to answer every question clearly and concisely. Use N/A and none when appropriate.

All Adults in the Household Need Background Checks

For the background checks, we need every adult member to provide a list where they have lived since the age 18. New Beginnings provides each family with a Table of Residence. With this, the individual clearances can be requested.

Ask Questions

We understand the home study process may be new. A form that may be routine for one family’s situation can pose difficulties for another’s. Ask for clarification when needed. Our staff is here for you. Contact us via email or phone to ask any questions you have about the paperwork.

Organize your Paperwork

New Beginnings provides detailed instructions on how to prepare your documents. After reviewing the packet, organize how you will gather the items and use the checklist included. Soon you will be checking items as done and you are on your way.

The home study is one of the most important documents needed for your adoption. By taking a few extra moments at the beginning, your home study will be faster and put you at the next step of the adoption process sooner — an Assignment of a Child.

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