International adoption remains a popular way of building your family. The decision to adopt a child from a foreign country is a life-changing one for both you and the child. Here are some things to consider to see if this is right for you.

Child’s Health

Both healthy and special needs children are available internationally. Korea and Thailand are healthy children programs. In Korea, the children are cared for in foster families — helping them reach developmental milestones and establishing healthy emotional bonds. China is a special needs program. Many children have correctable conditions which can be managed with treatment. Children with more involved needs are also available. For all programs, medical information is always available. In Korea and Thailand, two countries that have well-established adoption processes, social background information on birth parents is also available.


Children tend to be toddler age and older. The average age of the children placed through our Korean Program is twenty-two months. For Thailand, the average age is four years. Pakistan places newborns, but you must be Pakistani to enter the program. Children with medical needs can be under one-year-old from China and many older children are available, also with medical needs.

Time Frame

For New Beginnings’ programs, Korea has the shortest length of time at just over one year. China is also just over a year. Pakistan takes up to eighteen months. Thailand has the longest time frame at three years.


All programs offered by New Beginnings require travel. You will have the opportunity to experience your child country of origin. Seeing the sights and sounds, visiting the orphanage, trying new foods all will be part of your family’s adoption story.

New Traditions and Celebrations

For many families, the child will be of a different heritage. There will be new holidays to celebrate and interesting foods to enjoy. The adoption will be more recognizable to the broader community. Developing skills and techniques to talk about the adoption is essential. This is true whether or not the child is the same or different heritage.

If international adoption is something you would like to consider, fill out the free pre-application. Once you are ready to begin, you can download our Adoptive Family Profile. You are welcome to call us at 516-747-2204 or email us at [email protected]. We can schedule an orientation at our main office in Mineola, NY or over the phone.

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