Canceled New Beginning is excited to introduce this year’s 2020 Korean Language and Culture Program sponsored by Eastern Social Welfare Society. ESWS offers the program of assist adoptees to learn the Korean language and exposure to Korean culture.

The program is a Scholarship Program [link Korean Overview}. All applicants will live in the dormitory at Hallym University and at the Guest House at ESWS. Meals will be partially covered. The program goes from June 22 to July 23. Read the Hallym International School Program Pre-arrival e-brochure for more information.

Applications are due May 10. To give New Beginnings time to prepare its portions of the application, we will need the application and personal essay by Friday, May 1.

The program is great fun and a wonderful way to enjoy the summer. Read about Olivia’s experiences, Korea. For more on the program, email Pauline at [email protected] or call us at (516) 747-2204.

2020 Korean Language and Culture Program Application

2020 Korean Language and Culture Program Overview

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