The numbers are in and wait times in Korea continue to get shorter. For most families, once the home study is complete, the length of time for a referral is less than two months. There are many children in need of permanent homes in Korea. So, the amount for time for a referral is very fast.

The length of time from referral to arrival has improved as well. After the referral, families are traveling to Korea to complete the adoption in around fifteen months. This is a five month improvement from two years ago.

We are seeing the overall waiting times continue to improve going into 2017. Our most recent families are traveling in about ten months after the referral. For them, the length of time from the completion of the home study to bring their child home is a year to fifteen months.

That is wonderful news. Children in need of a home should be placed with their family as soon as possible. Let us hope that the trends continue and the waiting times for Korea are less than a year.

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