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Thank you for your interest in the Morocco adoption program with New Beginnings. New Beginnings currently cooperates with two orphanages: The Le Nid at the Rita Zniber Foundation in Meknes and La Creche in Tangier. The Morocco adoption process is a kafala program requiring families to be practicing  Sunni Muslims.

A family has generously shared their Kafala story, providing valuable insights into the adoption process. While some details may have changed, the process remain the same.

In many respects, the steps in the process for Kafala are the same as most other international adoptions. Families have a home study done, and New Beginnings submits it to USCIS for pre-approval (I-600A) as part of the I-600 process. Upon completion of the country-required dossier, NB sends it to Morocco. When a child is identified for Kafala, the orphanage will prepare a background study and legal documents for New Beginnings to review. We determine if the child would be the right match for the family. If so, the family is given the referral. Once accepted, the family travels to Morocco for the Kafala process at the Court of Minors. New Beginnings Program Facilitator in Morocco guides NB families through the process. Once the court approves Kafala, the child’s visa is secured, and the family returns to the US.

Once home, there will be a post-placement supervisory period to assist the new family through the initial adjustments. Then the family finalizes the adoption in their local court and secures US Citizenship for the child. The final step is to register the adoption with the Moroccan Consulate.

Kafala grants guardianship of the child. It is a promise to care for a child as if they were a biological child. In being granted Kafala, the family must keep the child’s name, cultural heritage, and religion. The international adoption process requires the child to be adopted. Once adopted, the child will have the same rights and benefits as a biological child and the same care obligations. The requirements complement each other.

Where the Moroccan kafala process is different than other international adoption programs is families have a short time from accepting the referral to travel. There will be 14 days to consider the referral, but once accepted, families will travel in the coming weeks or days. We notify families when to expect a referral so they can prepare, but we do not control the match. The anticipated referral could be delayed or not made at all. Or, a referral may be available without prior notice.

The two orphanages we cooperate with, Le Nid and La Creche, are authorized to provide services to children in need. Many of the children in care are not available for Kafala. Their mission and services extend far beyond assisting in Kafala. We hope you support these institutions and their good work once your adoption is finalized.

New Beginnings is licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. New Beginnings can also do the home study and post-placement services for families living in these states. For clients living in another state, you will work with a local agency for home study and post-placement services. New Beginnings will be your primary provider, whether a local agency or we do home study services. We work with families in all 50 states.

New Beginnings will consider Relative and Identified Child Adoptions for Morocco on a case-by-case basis.

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