Adopting a Child from Morocco Overview

An Introduction to Moroccan Adoption

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Thank you for your interest in the Morocco adoption program with New Beginnings. New Beginnings cooperates with two orphanages: The Rita Zniber Foundation and Creche de Tangier. Both are wonderful, professional facilities. Morocco is a kafala program and requires families to be practicing Sunni Muslim.

In many respects, the steps in the process of adopting a child from Morocco are the same as most other international adoptions. Families will have a home study done, and we will submit it to USCIS for pre-approval (I-600A). With this, New Beginnings sends your dossier to Morocco. Once a child is legally free for kafala, the orphanage will prepare the background study and legal documents. New Beginnings will present the referral.

With the acceptance of the referral, you travel to Morocco for the kafala. Our Program Facilitator in Morocco guides our families through the kafala process while abroad. Most families will take one trip to Morocco for 6 to 8 weeks. One spouse can return after the court has granted kafala—this is typically at the 3-4-week mark.

Adoptive parents receive kafala guardianship of the child in Morocco. When the court grants kafala, the child’s visa is secured (I-600), and the family can return to the U.S. Once home, families finalize the adoption in their local court and secure citizenship.

The children available from Morocco are 5 to 13 months at the time of placement. There are also older and special needs children in need of kafala families. We estimate the length of time from starting the home study to returning home with your child is 14 to 19 months.

New Beginnings is licensed in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. In these states, we can do the home study. We can place with families in all 50 states. New Beginnings would direct or supervise the local home study agency.

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