Moroccan Adoption Fees And Expenses

Fees, Descriptions and Overview

Moroccan Adoption Fee List

Agency Fees

Application (AFP) Due with Application$350
New Beginnings’ Fee, two parts:

Due with Agreement
Due at acceptance of the referral
IAAME Fee Due with Agreement
Total Agency Fees: $6,850

Moroccan Program Fee

Program Coordination

$3,500 due at home study approval; $6,500 due at acceptance of referral
Orphanage Fee, paid to orphanage directly, (between 1,100 and 1,800)

Due when kafala is requested
Charity Support and Program Development)

Due at acceptance of the referral
Total Moroccan Program Fees: $12,800

Third Party Fees and Expenses

USCIS Expenses – I-600A filing fee, $775; fingerprints, $85 per adult in home, N-600 $1,170$2,115
State Adoption Attorney to finalize the kafala in U.S.$700 to $2,500
Parent Education Workshops On-line workshops with Adoption Learning Partners$150
Travel and Overseas Expenses (EST)expenses for air travel, hotel, meals, medical and visa$6,000 to $9,000
Total Incidental and Other Expenses: $8,965 to 13,765

New Beginnings’ Social Services

(New Beginnings does the home study and post-adoption services for families living in our service area of NY, NJ, PA or FL. Families that live outside our service area will use a local home study provider.)

Home Study

Due at contract
Post-Adoption Services

$425 for each report; minimum four reports are needed. Due at Submission of EP
Total: $2,975

Summary of Moroccan Fees and Expenses

Agency Fees$6,850
Moroccan Program Fees$12,800
Total Kalafa Fees$19,650
Third Party and Other Expenses$8,965 to $13,765
New Beginning’s Social Services, (if using another agency, $500 HS review fee, see next page)$2,975
Final Adoption Cost$31,590 to $36,390

For qualified families, the Adoption Tax Credit can reduce the cost of the adoption by as much as $13,600.

Moroccan Adoption Fee Descriptions

Application Fee
Assessment of prospective adoptive parent(s) and assuring basic program requirements.
New Beginnings’ Fee
Agency fees are for personnel cost, administrative overhead, and operational expenses. For orientation and guidance to the inter-country adoption process and the country of Morocco, Kafala training and education, perform or supervise home study services to the family, coordinating the adoption process, Child-specific training, assisting in filing U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) applications, monitor the placement until finalization, arrange for custody of the child in the event of a disruption, providing pre and post-adoption information and support.
Program Coordination
Fee for program sponsorship and development; prepare, translate and present the dossier to Morocco, receiving a referral of a child that includes the Child’s Background Study; establish the itinerary and transportation abroad, provide facilitator in country to arrange for kafala and assist the family in Morocco; in-country translations as needed; monitor the placement while in-country, post-placement administration for submission of self-reports to Consulate.
Foreign Agency Fee and Donation
For child care expenses prior to the adoption, identifying a child available for adoption, securing the necessary terminate parental rights, providing the background study on the child, arranging for the finalization of the adoption and the immigration of the child, (due at acceptance)
Orphanage Fee
For childcare expenses and document preparation for Kafala
Charity Support And Program Development
NB will identify areas of need and projects to support at the orphanages or related institutions.
Pass through to Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity, Inc. for monitoring and oversight of adoption service providers. The fee is $500 per child to be adopted.

The Costs Of International Adoption

International adoption can be expensive, but assistance is available. There are many organizations and foundations that provide grants and loans to to help families adopting. There are many options available for financial assistance. For a list of organizations that provide assistance for international adoption, click here.  In addition, the adoption tax credit is a big benefit and is available to most families. This can be a savings of over $13,570

When comparing cost, New Beginnings has one of the least expensive Thai and China programs and our fees are very competitive for the Korea Program. For families that are looking for Primary Provider Services, agencies present and package their fee in different ways. Comparing expenses between agencies can be complicated.

New Beginnings fees are presented in a straight forward, simple fashion. We include fees for the home study, post-adoption, the agency and the foreign organization. Also include are incidental fee that are paid to third parties in the adoption process. A grand total is provided that may look higher but rarely is. We feel that our families should know what to budget and not be lost in a complicated disclosure guessing what fees apply to them. If you want more information on a particular program, contact New Beginnings and ask for a Sample Contract.

Need Financial Assistance?

If you have chosen to pursue international adoption, you should know that there may be financial assistance available to help with the adoption expenses. Check out our financial assistance page which lists several options for families hoping to find help in meeting their adoption costs.


Budgeting For International Adoption

When you’ve made the decision to adopt, it makes sense to put together a financial plan before you begin the process. Adoptions come with the standard agency, legal and home study fees, but for international adoptions, there are additional travel, visa expenses and a fee to the foreign agency to consider.

Here are a few tips on how to plan and prepare for these expenses

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