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Embracing Cultural Connection

Authorities in Morocco, as in many places, encourage families of Moroccan Heritage to seek kafala for children In need. This ensures that the child maintains a permanent connection to their ethnic Heritage, language, religion, and country. Moroccan courts, social work best practices, and New Beginnings support and encourage Moroccans to consider international adoption.

Flexible Eligibility Requirements

Moroccan Americans benefit from relaxed eligibility guidelines. State and federal regulations still apply.

Priority in Matching

Heritage families often receive preference in the matching process, resulting in shorter waiting times.

Other Options

Heritage families have other options. We can help families with kafala and now need to file the USCIS paperwork for the child’s visa. This is more commonly done in relative adoptions but not exclusively. Heritage families can also submit their application to the court to be matched with a child and receive kafala.

Having kafala without the assistance of an adoption agency is known as self-directed or primary provider adoption. While many self-directed adoptions are successful, there is a greater risk that although the process was satisfactory for Morocco, USCIS would not approve the child’s visa.

If you currently have a kafala, the risk has been taken, and a primary provider is needed. New Beginnings will provide services for Heritage families that have kafala whenever possible.

Lastly, a Moroccan Heritage family can apply for kafala in regions other than Tangier or Meknes and would like an agency from the beginning. If this is something you are considering, let us know and we will see if we can help.

Take the Next Steps

When circumstances make it impossible for a child to grow up with their birth family, we understand the importance of helping a child stay connected to their Moroccan heritage. For people of Moroccan heritage, consider building your family through kafala and the adoption of a child from Morocco. For more information, fill out our pre-application and explore this possibility. If you are of Moroccan Heritage, let us know so we can better explore this option with you.

Contact us today to learn more about the Morocco Heritage Program at [email protected].

*USCIS eligibility requires that prospective single mothers must have U.S. citizenship; for couples, the minimal requirement is that one of the prospective parents must have U.S. citizenship and the other parent have permanent U.S. resident status.

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