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New Beginnings Grants

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Morocco Kafala Grant

The Morocco Kafala Fund is available to only New Beginnings’ families adopting from Morocco. The fund awards Adoption Grants, Waiting Child Grants, and Emergency Loans, as well as Project-based Grants to organizations dedicated to supporting and caring for children in Morocco.

Adoption Grants

Available to families who have a completed adoption services agreement with New Beginnings, an approved home study, and can demonstrate financial need via an online application that is completed and submitted by the family to New Beginnings with a $25 application fee. As a general guideline, families with an annual income under $100,000 and savings under $50,000 would be eligible to apply for a grant, but we will consider all applicants. Grants range from $500 to $3,000.

Grants for Waiting Children

Waiting children are older or might have special needs. By helping families reduce the financial barriers we can help find a waiting child a home. Grants for the adoption of waiting children are available to families with an approved home study. A specific child will need to be identified, who is older than three years old, or has an identified cognitive or physical need. A demonstration of financial need is also required. Complete and submit the online application to New Beginnings with a $25 application fee. Waiting Children Grants are meant to reduce financial barriers and make it possible for a family to welcome a waiting child into their families.

Emergency Loan

Also available to New Beginnings family clients are emergency loans. Loans are available to client families with an accepted referral, who, for unforeseen circumstances, is required to stay significantly longer than expected in Morocco. Extended stays for personal reasons would not qualify. The fund application is needed, with a brief statement, describing the circumstances and financial need. Loans are interest-free and range from $500 to $3,000. The loan and will need to be repaid within 18 months of its receipt. We will establish a monthly re-payment plan at the time of the Loan award.

Projects Grants

Available to non-profit organizations that work to support and improve the lives of orphaned or abandoned children in Morocco and need full or partial funding for a specific project. Grants are awarded on a per-project basis with a one-time payment. A condition of the award is the written agreement for the recipient to submit Outcome Report upon the completion of the project. Project proposals are submitted per the Morocco Project Grant Application. All awards are one-time payments for single funded projects and not for ongoing support. Project grants are awarded at amounts from $500 to $2,000

A family receiving a Kafala Fund Grant is encouraged to donate or raise donations to help sustain the program in the future. Supporting the Kafala Fund will support orphaned and abandoned children in Morocco. We also welcome and appreciate support and donations to New Beginnings’ Morocco Adoption Program and the Kafala Fund from all our New Beginnings’ Families who support our work. The Kafala Fund grants cannot be combined the Beyond the Placement Grant. Combining the Kafala Fund Grant with other financial aid is encouraged.

If you have any questions on the Morocco Kafala Fund or the Grant Application, e-mail New Beginnings at [email protected] or call Jane Lee 651 734-5408.


Beyond the Placement Grant

The Beyond the Placement Grant Program provides help families adopt a waiting child.  There are many children available for adoption that are older or have special needs.  In assisting families in reducing the financial barriers, we can help find a waiting child a home.  For more on waiting children adoption, visit our website at

Grants available when adopting a waiting child are $1,000.  To qualify, first, you must be active in a New Beginnings program. Next, you must be seeking approval or be approved to adopt a waiting child. Lastly, you must demonstrate some financial need. Along with other considerations, you would show financial need by a gross household income of less than $125,000 or other circumstances.

Our Grant Selection Committee will review grant applications.  We will make every effort to consider your application promptly. We look to and will try to pre-approve grants early in the process.  The Grant Application can be submitted with the Adoptive Family Profile or any time before finalization.  Grants will be awarded upon the acceptance of a waiting child for adoption.

Beyond the Placement Grants help reduce the cost of adopting a waiting child so you will have a little more money for the trip abroad or the first doctor’s visit.

If you have any questions on the Beyond the Placement Program or the Grant Application, e-mail New Beginnings at [email protected] or call Timothy Sutfin at 516-747-2204.

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