In mid-June NB Morocco Kafala Program Director Jane Lee and NB Case Manager Griffin Smith traveled to Morocco for meetings with NB Morocco staff and orphanage partners, and to deliver training for staff and local representatives from Kafala court and related offices. Visits with our partners in both Tangier and in Meknes were productive; they included catching up with staff, spending time with the children in care, and providing each other with the latest process and policy updates.

We were happy to see the staff and children thriving after a long, hard year of challenges due to COVID-19. Vaccination rates continue to rise in Morocco, and the recovery rate remains high. Domestic and international kafalas are proceeding safely. The older children have returned to school; staff and kids are glad to get back to their daily routines.

In Meknes, NB facilitated a workshop on the policies and procedures around anti-child buying per the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption—we also answered questions about how prospective families are screened, covered the home study process, and described the post-placement phase. Attendees included Kafala judges, clerks of court, prosecutors, municipal social workers, orphanage staff, and others related to the Kafala process. The exchange of information provided an opportunity to gain a greater understanding and appreciation for each other and the work we all do for children. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we were invited to facilitate additional workshops.

Please stay tuned for an upcoming NB program addition that will create another path to kafala for older children (3+), children with correctable medical needs, sibling groups, and other children for whom a permanency plan has not yet been established.

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