With the Ramadan season of prayer and growth, please consider giving zakat to those most vulnerable and in need—-children and young adults being raised in orphanages. Our partners in Morocco do their utmost daily to provide love, shelter, food, and security for these children, but the need is great for basic supplies in addition to staffing, supplies, food, and resources. Government funding only covers 10% of the costs of orphanage expenses, leaving these organizations wholly dependent on private donations for the remaining 90%!

This year, New Beginnings is raising funds for two critical needs in Morocco. 100% of funds collected will be sent directly to our partner orphanages and care facilities in Meknes and Tangier. Please consider giving generously to the two campaigns below.

Operation Formula and Diapers


Fundraising Goal: $30,000

With an average of 50 babies and toddlers in care at one time, one of the greatest needs of our partner orphanages is help with the cost of diapers and formula! Your gift helps secure the children’s cleanliness, safety, and health. These basic supplies average 250 a day. Together we can make a difference. Together, we can provide 4 months of diapers, formula and baby cereal.

  • 280 diapers a day.
  • 23 liters of formula and milk.
  • 2 liters of baby cereal.

Formula - nan  

Operation School Supplies and Basics

School sneakers - square image

Fundraising Goal: $18,000

L’Annexe in Meknes is home to 120 adolescent women and men whose birth families cannot care for them. These are beautiful young people with potential, hope, and dreams, and New Beginnings is committed to helping them have every opportunity to reach their full potential.

We can do this by helping cover the cost of school supplies, shoes, clothing, and basic medical care to make their education more attainable. Covering those costs makes it possible for their dedicated caregivers, mentors, social workers, and leaders to provide a greater range of creative, stimulating, and supportive services like job training, driver education, advanced learning, etc.

Please give generously and make it possible for a young person to flourish and thrive.

*L’Annexe includes several disabled persons who have grown up at the orphanage who your assistive will help.

  • $150 covers one student’s school supplies for one school year.
  • $300 covers one student’s shoes, clothing, and basic medical costs for one year.



Thank you for your kind consideration. The caregivers and the orphanage leadership and administrative staff depend on our grace, generosity, and open hearts to operate a nurturing, secure, warm place of refuge for children.

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