Projects to Support

Pattaya Orphanage Christmas Donation Drive

Please join us to put a smile on the children’s faces as they are unboxing their Christmas gifts. We are seeking sponsors to help buy Christmas Gifts for 103 children.

Christmas gift amounts are based on age category. The average per child is $14. Christmas is the only occasion for the children to receive brand-new toys or clothes not donated or used. We want to make this Christmas a special and memorable experience for them.

We seek your support to cover the Christmas Gifts and a nice Christmas dinner for the children and staff. Our goal is to raise $3,000. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Support Eastern Social Welfare Society

Eastern Social Welfare Society takes care of many babies in dire need of medical help. Approximately 30% of the children in care have medical problems that need special attention, and many need medical care. Your support will go to ESWS to help cover the special care needed for so many children. Let’s help Eastern so they can provide the best care possible to the children in their care.

Support Our Mission

Our mission is to find orphaned and displaced children permanent loving homes by providing quality and compassionate social services through the adoption process and after the child is placed. New Beginnings was founded in 1985. Our first children placed are now adults, many with families of their own. Fulfilling our mission is now woven into the family’s heritage. Be part of the legacy. Support New Beginnings and our mission that brings families together.

Adoptee Services

As more adult adoptees from South Korea are coming of age, New Beginnings is seeing a continuing need for post-adoption services. The Beyond the Placement Program provides support and resources allowing adoptees and their families to explore their personal history and heritage as they enter adulthood. Your Donation helps keep this valuable program going

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