Projects to Support

Assistance for the Pattaya Orphanage

Because of the pandemic, the Pattaya Orphanage has been closed to visitors since the end of February 2020. The orphanage needs your support. To prevent children and staff from catching COVID-19, their needs are greater than ever before. We would like to send the Pattaya Orphanage financial support to ensure that they have what they need to stay safe and healthy. Click here to read more.

COVID-19 Prevention Fundraiser for Korea

South Korean government raised COVID-19 alert to its ‘highest’ level. Eastern Social Welfare Society is not receiving government support to fight the virus and is in urgent need of our support in keeping children in their care safe and healthy. Click here to read more.

Support Our Mission

Our mission is to find orphaned and displaced children permanent loving homes by providing quality and compassionate social services through the adoption process and after the child is placed. New Beginnings was founded in 1985. Our first children placed are now adults, many with families of their own. Fulfilling our mission is now woven into the family’s heritage. Be part of the legacy. Support New Beginnings and our mission that brings families together.

Beyond the Placement

New Beginnings has united thousands of families like yours since 1985, touching tens of thousands of lives. Providing compassionate social services after your child is home is part of our mission. New Beginnings’ Beyond the Placement Program has given vital support to our families and the children placed.

With your support to the Beyond the Placement Program we can:

  • Provide Grants to Families adopting waiting children and for uncovered medical expenses where there is financial need.
  • Support, Workshops, and Counseling to families after the formal adoption is over.
  • Assist Adult Adoptees in Exploring their Heritage and History.

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