As a prospective adoptive parent, eventually, the time comes to travel abroad to meet your child. This is a wonderful and important time, and it can bring with it a whole range of experiences and emotions – hopes and joys, fears, and anxieties. Being prepared is essential, and in the modern era that means more than paper ready and well packed. Turn your smartphone into a swiss army knife of travel-savvy with these mobile-friendly tools.


As an alternative to a calling card or a temporary phone, there are convenient call and messaging apps that allow you to communicate long distances without fees (as long as there’s a wifi connection). Keep in touch with family at home, send real-time updates to your caseworkers and facilitators. Quickly share pictures and documents. KakoaTalk is the standard for Korea – for other countries, WhatsApp is a great choice.

KakoaTalk: Apple | Android
WhatsApp: Apple | Android

Adobe Scan/CamScanner

The foreign adoption process requires a regular exchange of documents with your adoption agency and in-country facilitator. Turn your smartphone camera into a scanner and instantly create and share good quality PDF documents using this free and easy app from Adobe. CamScanner is a great alternative that does the same job.

Adobe Scan: Apple | Android
CamScanner: Apple | Android


TripIt puts a comprehensive and interactive itinerary for every step of the whole foreign process in your hand. Forward your travel confirmation emails to TripIt to automatically add to your trip. Get a master itinerary that you can share and integrate with your calendar.

CityMapper, although only usable in select city’s worldwide, is another great option for finding your way around. This app integrates all transit options in your city, including ride-sharing, and gives you the best and fastest available modes of transport to get where you’re going.

TripIt: Apple | Android
CityMapper: Apple | Android


Overcome language barriers with this highly-rated translation app. Set the language, speak the word or phrase you wish to translate, and SayHi repeats what you said in the desired language.

SayHi: Apple | Android


Browse local options for food anywhere with Zomato. This worldwide app collects pictures, menus and reviews to help you decide on your next meal, and it even has a map feature to help you find your way there.

Zomato: Apple | Android


Viator compiles a collection of attractions, tours, and activities in your area and lets you book them directly in the app. Great for days off and when you’re feeling adventurous.

Viator: Apple | Android

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