Greetings of peace and well-being during the blessed month of Ramadan. As you open our hearts to many charitable causes, please consider the orphans in Morocco, who are in institutionalized care without a parents’ love and support. New Beginnings is committed to finding permanent, loving families for these children, and supporting those for whom adoption is not an option. During this season of giving, we request your support for New Beginnings’ Kafala Fund, which will make a better life possible for the orphaned child in Morocco.

This year the focus of the New Beginnings Morocco Kafala Fund is on two primary areas to support children in Morocco. 

The Fund will continue to help children in Morocco of all ages, regardless of adoption status providing financial assistance for day-to-day care, medical care, school fees, sports & activities, clothing, vocational training, textbooks, and special foods for celebrations and religious holidays.

This year the Fund will expand outreach and adoption efforts to find and equip families to adopt children ages 3-14. Unfortunately, these precious, beautiful older children do not often get the opportunity to be raised in permanent families. With your help, we can share these children’s stories and provide prospective parents with education, adoption-related financial assistance, and support as they dedicate themselves to parenting these children. Contributions to the Fund will be used to create educational and outreach content and informational webinars for the roll-out of the new Morocco Waiting Child Program to families throughout the Muslim American community. 

Please donate generously so that children living in orphanages can be provided the care and opportunities to thrive and meet their full potential. This appeal is being supported through Feeling Blessed. Donations can be made there as well. 

Contributions are Zakat and Sadaqa eligible, and 100% of the amount received will be contributed to the Kafala Fund. Giving during the month of Ramadan ensures that you reap the greatest reward while helping the most vulnerable Muslim children. You can donate online or mail a check to:

New Beginnings
Kafala Fund
87 Mineola Boulevard
Mineola, NY 11501

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