This year South Korea will celebrate the Lunar New Year’s Day, or ‘Seol-Nal,’ on January 22. Seol-Nal is a traditional Korean holiday. Many Koreans travel to their family’s home for the celebration. Charye, where food is set on a table as an offering to one’s ancestors, is done. Tteok-guk or rice cake soup is served. Children will bow, or sebae, to their elders and wish them a happy new year. In return, they receive a small cash gift.

There are about 250 children who are in Eastern’s childcare facilities. We are asking for your help, so these children celebrate the Lunar New Year. In the past, volunteers and sponsors spent the Lunar New Year with the children. Due to COVID-19, Eastern has restricted all visitors and volunteers from their facilities. Donations for the New Year have drastically declined. So, it would be wonderful if we could raise money to help the children celebrate this traditional holiday. Let’s make Lunar New Year’s day special.

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