New Beginnings was pleased to host the President of ESWS, Dr. Jin Sook Kim, Ph.D., and the Director of Planning, Mr. Hyunki Kim on March 30, 2017. It was wonderful to see old friends whom we have worked with for over thirty years. The meeting was productive. Adoptive placements are only a small part of what Eastern does. They are looking for New Beginnings to promote and help educate our friends and families on some of the other services provided at Eastern.

Eastern has over 600 children in its protection. They operate many programs to aid and support these children. They are all excellent. But there is one program in particular we would like to bring to our readers’ attention. That is Eastern’s work to keep the family together, in particular, their Single Mother’s Program. All expected mothers are cared for at their parenting support facility. In addition to this, Eastern runs six community homes and cares for 36 single mothers. Support, counseling and job training are provided to help with the transition to independence. Eastern sponsors a self supporting business (Café Eastern) which is run, in part, by single mothers. Here, the mothers receive training on becoming baristas and learning how to run a small business.

Click here to find our more about Eastern’s many services, including their support to single mothers.

We also spoke about the continuing need for families seeking to adopt. Eastern does place children domestically with Korean families. After five months, if a domestic adoption does not occur, international adoption is considered. There are many more children in need of permanency than can be placed domestically. New Beginnings can help by finding loving families open to adopt a child from Korea. Mr. Kim reminded us that families of Korean heritage or who have previously adopted a Korean child are also needed.

Eastern’s services and commitment is impressive. Their program to help keep families together and their support of single mothers needs our support. New Beginnings was pleased to present a donation made in part with the support of many families including the following:

The Gawlicki Family Foundation
Mark and Stephanie Simon
Kimberly Moore
Darla Lane
Mariana Markell
Jeronimo & Michele Valdez

That evening, Chong and Pooja Park joined us for dinner. Old friends talked until the jet lag was too much. We said our goodbyes and thanked Dr. Kim for her support and kindness. We look forward to working with Mr. Hyunki Kim to do our part in developing services at Eastern.