International Waiting Children

For many people, a waiting child adoption is a wonderful way to add to their family. A waiting child is a child who is legally free for adoption, but does not yet have a permanency plan. Over the past year, New Beginnings has found families for a waiting infant with a heart murmur, a seven year old healthy girl and a four year old with cleft lip and palate. A deaf child has found a home, so has a child with potential hearing loss.

The reason many children are waiting to be adopted is because there is a past or present medical concern. But the need can also be developmental or emotional delays. The concern could also be indirectly related to the child. For example, a biological parent could have a medical or emotional problem. Finally, permanency plans may not have been made because of  the child’s age or family dynamics (such as siblings).

To be open to a waiting child does not mean that you must be open to all conditions. But, families must be open to some conditions. For New Beginnings’ waiting children program, we would only present the child’s information with the condition or types of conditions the family has indicated they are open to. If the family wanted to proceed, New Beginnings would take the steps to secure the referral. If the match is declined, another will be made for consideration when available.

Although there are variations on the above process of matching, the ability to consider the child’s information before going forward is routine. Sometimes quick decision making is required, but the decision is not necessarily final if additional information comes to light. With the approval of the home study, you would also be welcome to consider waiting children with all partner agencies of New Beginnings if you qualify for their program. An approved home study is a precondition that most agencies, partner or not, require to consider their waiting children.

New Beginnings has international waiting children programs in China, Thailand and Peru. Through our partner agencies, waiting children programs are also available in Korea, Ethiopia, Colombia and Russia. There are some programs and situations where the dossier must be sent to receive a match. For instance, the submission of the dossier is required for the Peruvian Program. New Beginnings receives waiting children’s information from Thailand to present to the family to consider before submitting the dossier. But if the dossier is submitted to Thailand, additional waiting children are available directly from Thailand. In addition, single females will have more options by submitting the dossier to Thailand. A home study must be completed to consider a match for a child from China.

Please contact us for the most up to date information on international waiting children available through New Beginnings.