Our Annual Appeal was a nice success. I appreciate our donors for recognizing that what we do at New Beginnings goes well beyond the home study. Each year there is an increased need for services and assistance to families and adoptees. The Beyond the Placement Program takes time, staff, great sensitivity and your support.

This year, because of your support, we are improving the Beyond the Placement services. With so many requests, we will be updating our procedures for searches. Moreover, we will be providing more preparation and support for adoptees and families in the program.
Next, we received enough support to begin our digital conversion. We will be doing it in-house to reduce expenses. And our staff is more familiar with what items are necessary to scan.

Adoptees that are coming of age are telling the international adoption story. Their accounts will influence regulations, policies, and agency practices now and in the coming decades. Moreover, their story will influence how the children currently placed come to understand their adoption. Together, we need to help, to advocate and be a part of that narrative. Yes, adoptions can be complex and have difficulty, but they are also a great success.

Consider sharing your story on our website. You can tell us about one of the great things your child has accomplished, the challenges you have faced, a humorous anecdote, or your adoption journey. If you have done a search or have returned to your country of birth, consider sharing your experience, adding your voice to the story of international adoption.

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