China Adoption Fees

Agency Fees



Assessment of prospective adoptive parent(s) and assuring basic program requirements.
New Beginnings’ Fee

For coordinating the adoption process, presenting the match for consideration, submits agency opinion, working with family to compile and present dossier to CCCWA.
Due with agreement

Due with agreement
China Program Fees

For sponsoring and supporting the program and program development, securing and presenting referral, assisting in filing immigration documents, working with the foreign authorities for updates, and establishing the itinerary while the family is abroad.
$3,000 due at home study approval; $3,500 due at letter seeking confirmation
Total Agency Fees: $10,350


Foreign Program Fee


CCCWA Application and Translation for Special Focus Child

Due at home study approval
Donation to Orphanage

For child care expenses prior to the adoption, identifying a child available for adoption, securing the necessary terminate parental rights, providing the background study on the child, arranging for the finalization of the adoption and the immigration of the child.
est. $5,700
Translation and Filing Post-Adoption Reports

Due at LSC
Total Foreign Program Fees: $7,420


Third Party Fees and Expenses


USCIS Expenses

I-800A filing fee, $775; fingerprints, $85 per adult in home.

Dossier Expenses

Estimate expenses associated with legalization of dossier and translation.

Parent Education Workshops

On-line workshops with Adoption Learning Partners.

Travel and Overseas Expenses

Est. expenses for air travel, hotel, meals, finalization and visa.

$5,000 to $6,500
Total Incidental and Other Expenses: $7,085 to $8,585


New Beginnings’ Social Services


Home Study

Due at agreement
Post-Adoption Services

Mandated supervision, 425 per report; Minimum six reports; 2,550. Three Self-Reports are permitted. Refunds provided when self report is submitted, (families in our service area, due at LSC).

Due at LSC. after refund with self reports

Total: $2,975


Chinese Adoption Fees and Expenses Summary

Agency Fees$10,350
Foreign Program Fees$7,420
Third Party and Other Expenses$7,085 to $8,585
New Beginning’s Home Study Services$2,975
Final Adoption Cost$27,830 to $29,330



Fees For Other Services


Home Study Update, Minor Changes: $450.00

A home visit for a Minor Change of Circumstance such as a change in residency, a change in employment that does not substantially reduce income, positive and neutral changes in finances, minor changes in physical health or medications. A home visit to update the Home Study for USCIS for the one-time free extension or to keep the home study current. To respond to a USCIS Request for Evidence (RFE) to make edits or additions to the home study.

Supplemental Home Study Services: $900.00

Major Changes of Circumstances such as loss of employment or financial security, arrest, allegation of child abuse, change in medical condition, changes in emotional or mental health, pregnancy, difficulty in marital relationship or with significant other, accusation of impropriety or New Beginnings concerns about the prospective adoptive parents’ capacity to raise an adoptive child. Supplemental Home Study Service may be required if there is a failure to disclose critical information for the initial home study, or in response to an RFE on the prospective adoptive parents’ capacity to adopt or undisclosed criminal history.

Home Study Review (for families who do not live in our service area): $500.00
For supervising a cooperating agency that is conducting the Home Study. There is no fee for overseeing another agency’s post-adoption reports. We do require a Post-Adoption Commitment letter from your Home Study Agency showing that all fees for post adoption services have been paid.
Returning Family Home Study: $1,300.00

For families who had a home study previously done by NBFCS and beginning another adoption process.

Accelerated Services: $500.00

Accelerated services are those that require completion in less than six weeks. Failing to provide a clearance request or other necessary information promptly could also result in accelerated services. Although New Beginnings will make all reasonable efforts to complete the service in the required time, there can be no assurance the shortened time frame can be met.

Adoption of More than One Child

If adoption more than one child, for each additional child the New Beginnings’ fee is increased by 1,500 and the China Program fee is increased by 5,000. Fees for translation and filing post-adoption reports are 360 for each child and post-adoption services done by NB are 50% higher.

Exceeds Routine Services: TBD

In the event services are requested or required that Exceed Routine Services, New Beginnings reserves the right to charge for such services.

  • Preparing or helping to prepare documents for a response to an RFE or NOID, est. fee $700 to $1,000;
  • Having to make unanticipated efforts to receive information or documentation from the client, home study agency, the foreign provider (including request to supplement or correct the child’s legal documents), or other person involved in the process, est. fee $500 to $1,000.
  • For additional clearances, documentation and interviews for extended family members or other persons living in the home, $300 to $700.
  • For finalization that requires filing by NB, $200 to $600. If a court appearance is requested for a representative of New Beginnings, $300/day (as well as mileage and incidental expenses).
  • In the event the adoption is in crisis, New Beginnings can charge for additional services including extra post adoption reports, counseling, respite care or attorney services to secure consents, Interstate Compact approvals, etc.
  • Copying fee may be charged if duplicate documents are requested and not received or incorrectly copied, $.50/copy.
NBFCS social worker to visit home (0.55 per mile) and tolls, parking or other common carrier(s). Credit card payments over $500 are subject to a 3% convenience fee.Credit card payments over $500 are subject to a 3% convenience fee.
Items You Should Not Pay
New Beginning has disclosed all routine expenses and cost for adoption services. Payments are made to New Beginnings, the home study agency, USCIS, and the US Embassy in country. If payments are made to the cooperating agency, the fee or payment is disclosed.

There are no “unofficial” adoption fees.

  • Do not make or offer to make payments beyond what is disclosed without consulting New Beginnings.
  • Do not make or offer to make donations before the placement of the child. Do not make or offer to make any payments to anyone to induce the relinquishment of a child.
  • Do not pay additional fees to expedite the process abroad.
  • Payments to any third party in the adoption process should be reasonable and in proportion to standards in the country.

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